Cuban entrepreneurs, artists forge ahead despite U.S. restrictions

For Cuba’s rising creative class, standing at the crossroads of art and commerce, the devolving relationship between the United States and Cuba has been especially problematic.

This was the takeaway from Cuban and Cuban-American female entrepreneurs at a recent panel in Miami. The Creativas 2 conference was hosted by the Havana-based HAPE Collective, CubaOne and Cuba Educational Travel, organizations that have sought to create connections between people in the U.S. and Cuba.

“It’s a unique moment in Cuba — the diplomatic opening between our two countries led to a rapid expansion of the private sector, especially in areas of tourism,” said Cherie Cancio, founder of Cuba One. “While the latest announcements have deflated the tourism sector, creatives are filling the void.”

Cancio was referring to new sanctions on remittances and travel to Cuba announced recently by the Trump administration, rolling back some of the gains made under the Obama administration’s overtures to the Caribbean island.

Más información en: NBC News

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